Amanda Beeson is pretty, wears great clothes, and is a ‘queen ‘bee,’ one of the most popular girls at Meadowbrook Middle School. Unfortunately, she’s also one of the meanest girls at Meadowbrook. But Amanda has a very interesting reason for behaving badly to other people. She has to be mean, or she’ll end up somewhere she doesn’t want to be. Because if Amanda is too nice, she starts to care – and when Amanda cares about someone, she finds herself transported into their body. Bodysnatching is so not cool, and Amanda is determined to avoid it. So she’s beyond furious when she accidentally feels sorry for pathetic social outcast Tracey Devon, and wakes up trapped in Tracey’s body . . .

Jenna Kelley looks tough, acts tough and tries to think tough, though it’s not easy when your mom is an alcoholic and your dad is nowhere to be found. The other kids at Meadowbrook think she’s a criminal, a juvenile delinquent, and hey – they’re not completely wrong. Jenna runs with a bad crowd, even if she’s not so bad herself. With her secret mind-reading ability, Jenna stays one step ahead of everyone. She’s the first person to spot that Tracey Devon isn’t quite herself these days. If Amanda wants to get back to her own life, she’ll need Jenna’s help – and Jenna isn’t big on being helpful

Emily Sanders is a dreamy, distant girl, and teachers often scold her for not paying attention. But if they knew what Emily was dreaming about, they might have a little more respect for her – because Emily gets visions of the future. OK, so they’re not always one hundred percent accurate, but she’s working on it. The main problem is that no one ever seems to believe her – but how can Emily convince anyone when she can’t even believe herself?

Ken Preston seems to be the kind of boy who has it all. He’s smart, he’s athletic, he’s good-looking, and he’s got a bright future. But Ken’s hiding a big secret – something that makes him different from everyone else. After an accident killed his best friend, Ken started hearing voices – and the people talking are all dead. He may hate his gift, but there’s no denying that now and then, it can come in handy.

Tracey Devon is the kind of girl you have to feel sorry for. She’s shy, she’s nervous, and she seems to have a serious inferiority complex – not to mention the fact that her fashion choices are nothing short of tragic. Nobody seems to notice her, and for a very good reason! Tracey is so used to being ignored, she’s developed the ability to disappear completely. But will she be able to control her gift, or will she turn invisible forever

Charles Temple has been in a wheelchair since he was a baby. He’s never been able to walk, and he’s pretty angry about that. But being in a wheelchair doesn’t stop him from doing anything he wants. Charles has developed a special compensation for his disability: the ability to move things with his mind! Unfortunately, he tends to use his gift to get revenge on people who are mean to him, or to make himself more popular by cheating at sport. One of these days, Charles is going to learn that his gift is too powerful to take lightly.

Sarah Miller has curly black hair, a heart-shaped face, and the sweetest smile you ever saw. She’s kind and gentle and well-behaved. But she’s also the most dangerous girl in the whole school. Maybe in the whole world. Sarah’s gift is to control other people. Completely. She can make them do whatever she wants. And because she knows just how much trouble she could cause, Sarah won’t use her gift. Ever. Not even when she really should . . .

Martin Cooper is small for his age. He’s also very skinny. And he doesn’t have a great personality either. He’s had a problem in the past with other students teasing and bullying him, but somehow, the bullying seems to have stopped lately – maybe because Martin has a secret gift that he’s not so bothered about keeping a secret. When Martin gets angry, he gets strong – really strong – and a little bit violent. And he doesn’t mind demonstrating that to anyone who gets in his way!

Carter Street is a total mystery. Nobody knows anything about him – not even his real name. For some reason, he’s been put in the Gifted class, maybe because no one knows what else to do with him. Like the others in this group, there may be something very special about him. But so far, he hasn’t offered a clue as to why he too should be considered Gifted.